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Outliers and redheaded step-children.

Everyone’s Home

Sun and Daphne and I are home now.  Sun and I are taking shifts taking care of Daphne, which seems like a great short-term idea, but I would like to see Sun again some day 🙂

An interesting tidbit: Newborns are expected to lose about 10% of their body weight in the first few days after birth.  Daphne has actually gained weight already.  We think we may just tie a feed bag to her head.

Thanks to everyone who sent their congratulations, kudos and/or well-wishes 🙂  Let chaos commence!

Sun/Daphne Update

Sun’s hospital stay has been extended so they can make sure she is free of complications.  Basically, they think she may either have a stealthy infection or a reaction to a vaccination, both of which can present similarly.  To be prudent, they’re treating it as if it’s an infection.  So it’ll be a day or two before we’re all back home.

Daphne is doing great, and she already speaks baby talk in nineteen languages.

Treadmill Desk Final

My dad and I put the finishing touches on the treadmill desk top, and it is both functional and beautiful. The wood is from dead walnut trees that had to be cut down, so I arranged for a portable sawmill service to turn them into rough boards about an inch thick. I have enough to make several more of these, if anyone’s interested 🙂  The desk surface isn’t 100% flat because I decided not to opt for a $1000 tool that would parallelize the top and bottom of the rough boards, but it’s close enough to flat that I don’t notice it unless I look for it.  The surface consists of two solid boards joined with biscuits and then sanded with ever-finer grains of sandpaper with a combination of belt and orbital handheld sanders.  Edges were smoothed with sanders, and the cable guides were made with a router.  Finally, it was sealed with two coats of varnish to deepen the color and bring out the grain.  The mounting method is easier to show than to describe, so take a look at the final thumbnail below for that.

Click the thumbnails below for details.