Everyone’s Home

Sun and Daphne and I are home now.  Sun and I are taking shifts taking care of Daphne, which seems like a great short-term idea, but I would like to see Sun again some day 🙂

An interesting tidbit: Newborns are expected to lose about 10% of their body weight in the first few days after birth.  Daphne has actually gained weight already.  We think we may just tie a feed bag to her head.

Thanks to everyone who sent their congratulations, kudos and/or well-wishes 🙂  Let chaos commence!

3 thoughts on “Everyone’s Home”

  1. Argh! This is what I get for not checking in more often! A big CONGRATULATIONS to you both and “job well done” to Sun. Daphne is a very lucky girl to have such great parents!

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