We Have a Daphne :)

7 pounds, 1 ounce.  Sun is recovering from a short but intense labor.  Our lives will never be the same 🙂

I’m home to freshen up, then to get lunch with my parents and go back in to visit my ladies.

Daphne, 0 days old

13 thoughts on “We Have a Daphne :)”

  1. I was just thinking “I haven’t heard much from Bob lately, I bet he’s got a baby by now” and refreshed my feed reader to see this!


  2. Congrats, man! Welcome to the Fatherhood club. The secret handshake will come naturally once you’ve changed a couple hundred diapers. 🙂

  3. Time to turn off all your logic and rationality. It’s baby time!

    Hey! Amy had that same hat. It’s a baby hat cabal.

  4. The first month is going really well. So far she hasn’t managed to throw any obstacle our way that we haven’t figured out. We call her our little ravenous beast, though, because she’s all about the milk.

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