Treadmill Desk Update

After 7 days of treadmill desk usage, I’ve lost a pound.  I haven’t altered my diet or anything – just constantly walking at 1.0 MPH while I use my laptop.  I’ve averaged about 3 miles a day, mostly a mix of 2-mile and 4-mile days.  I’m aiming to get to 6 miles a day, but my feet may disapprove.  It may be time to get some actual walking shoes designed by engineers.

2 thoughts on “Treadmill Desk Update”

  1. That does it. I need to get my couch-glued butt up and see if I can rig something like this on our treadmill. Shit, if I’m going to play on blogs and messageboards and Facebook all day, I might as well be doing SOMETHING useful.

    Congrats on the first pound lost!

  2. It really does end up as a background task. I mostly don’t notice it until my feet hurt and I stop. Good luck with your plan 🙂

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