Strange Phone Damage

A few days ago, Sun called me.  I didn’t have the Jawbone paired, so I just answered on the RAZR V3 itself.  The first thing she did was sneeze, right into the receiver of her work phone, after which her voice took on a buzzing quality.  From the sound, it was clear that the phone’s ear speaker had done something strange.  Fearing the worst, I tried rebooting it to make sure it wasn’t some temporary condition, but there was no fix to be had.  Just to be very clear:

My wife’s sneeze broke my phone’s speaker.

The phone is about 3 years old, so I’m happy to write it off as the inevitable failure of temporary technology, but “you would think” that a phone shouldn’t be allowed to send a sound loud enough to blow out its own speaker.

Oh well.  I can still use it with the headset, and I was waiting for an excuse to get a new phone anyway.

3 thoughts on “Strange Phone Damage”

  1. I am cautiously hopeful about the G1, but T-Mobile’s coverage map is a colorful apology to the country, so I’d need it to work with AT&T. If my plan to abuse your G1 is successful, then it’s just a matter of what the price of an unlocked G1 would be.

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