Wiki-style Office Organization

Assume we could easily model a 3d space, like an office, and account for every object in it.  Then assume that a GUI exists with which people could move things around – tables, chairs, computers, monitors, books, etc. and update the layout.  Anyone with chronic disorganization problems in their office could let the so-called wisdom of the crowd help organize the office.  Then it’d be up to the user of the space to make the changes in the real world.

We already do this now for documentation (such as wikipedia) so why not physical spaces?

4 thoughts on “Wiki-style Office Organization”

  1. Heh 🙂 Actually, the software that scans the room and breaks it up into 3d objects could probably find your stapler for you quickly, if it’s perceptible by whatever the scanner uses.

  2. Definitely an interesting idea, but for those of us with, erm, unique senses of organization, it would be crazy-making to have others decide on the right place to keep the stapler. 😀

    Although I like the idea of blaming someone else for my not being able to find shit.

  3. Just like with wikipedia, there’d be a need to protect against vandalism. Putting the stapler on a piece of yarn hanging from the ceiling fan would probably count as vandalism 🙂 Handedness would be a big factor, too. Lefties would want to put the mouse in the wrong place, and righties might want rather conventional layouts.

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