The World’s Dumbest Energy-Saving Tip

We have a large toaster oven with several rack height settings.  I used to thoroughly re-heat things like pizza in 15 minutes on the “bakery” setting, with the rack in the middle.  On a lark, I raised the rack height and discovered that I could do the same job in 7 minutes, closer to the top heating element (but further from the bottom).  The simple step of moving the rack to be closer to one of the heat sources has saved me more than 50% on my toaster oven electricity usage.

This surely ranks up there with advice such as “put a sweater on to save on your heating bill” and “live in the basement in summer to avoid cooling the house.”

2 thoughts on “The World’s Dumbest Energy-Saving Tip”

  1. Are you Uncle Bob the kid? Tell your dad to send me an email and let me know how he is. He is trying to avoid me, I think. I hope the move went well and that all is well.

    Do I see that I am to be a cousin once removed, or a second cousin or something? If so, I am so pleased for you. I’ve been doing the family tree, and I will prepare a branch,

    We send our love!


  2. UBTK here 🙂 Now that I’ve replied to you in email, I’d love to hear your comments on some of the esoteric stuff I talk about here 🙂

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