If You Hated a Dumpster Company…

If you felt a pure, distilled hatred for a dumpster rental company, you could rent their biggest dumpster, fill it with magnets, and return it. Chances are that you would not technically be violating your rental agreement, in that you have caused no damage to the dumpster, and it would probably take them weeks to remove all the magnets.

I wouldn’t recommend this strategy for people who didn’t have

  • intense hatred
  • lots of money
  • lots of time

3 thoughts on “If You Hated a Dumpster Company…”

  1. Having dealt with dumpster companies a few times, they tend to be staffed by large, ill-tempered gentlemen who would not likely see the humor in such a prank.

    However, I have it on semi-reliable authority that they love to leave dumpsters at unverified addresses. So if someone you know is getting on your nerves, you can have a dumpster delivered in their driveway in a jiffy! This also works on loads of construction / landscaping materials, e.g. dirt, stones, sand, etc. Nothing says, “screw you pal,” like 10 tons of surprise sand in their driveway.

  2. Dave, are you referring to the “legitimate businessmen” who manage to get involved in every business that involves heavy things and/or containers/substances that could contain or hide bodies?

    I applaud your reversal of my idea and hadn’t considered it. I’ve heard of people who ordered a large pile of something, with specific instructions to leave it in a specific area, and they ended up with it blocking their driveway, filling their pond, covering their grandfather, etc. One can only imagine the possibilities if the delivery people have been given instructions to cause chaos, rather than avoid it.

    All this silliness does beg the question of how do you dispose of a large quantity of magnets? Can you get aluminum dumpsters? I may need to look that one up.

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