Programming Injury

No, it’s not carpal tunnel syndrome. I seem to be immune from that because I didn’t learn to type from an idiot.

A couple of days ago, I was actually programming in the same position for so long that I managed to bruise the tissue at the tip of my tailbone. The irony is that I program in a comfy chair which should by no means be capable of such a thing. You really don’t know how often your tailbone is involved in ordinary activities like sitting, leaning, climbing stairs, or sleeping until it’s bruised. Perhaps I need a standing desk to avoid further injury.

Also: How pathetic is it to be injured while programming? On a scale of “twisted ankle trying on new shoes” to “severed nose while bowling” I’d say it’s somewhere around “pulled hamstring while making toast.”

3 thoughts on “Programming Injury”

  1. Well, it did happen before the LAN party, but I just leaned forward a lot, increasing my risk of blood clots (another embarrassing malady to get from computer use) but decreasing my tailbone pain. Don’t worry, my 1337 skills were not affected by my injury; they were just as inconsistent as ever.

  2. Not that I was drunk, but once when I was 20ish, I tripped over a bed and landed on my rear on an ashtray, the big glass kind. I smacked my tailbone hard.

    It hurt for months. I know what you are going through. It really is a painful inconvenient thing.

    God speed on recovery.

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