rsync for Windows: Quick and Easy

If you have used UNIX/Linux/BSD for very long, then you know about rsync, which allows you to do incremental copies or backups between network-attached UNIX/Linux/BSD systems. Such a free facility is sorely lacking on Microsoft(R) Windows(tm), an expensive proprietary Operating System made by a convicted monopolist, Microsoft(R).

If you have an unencrypted filesystem on Windows(tm), and you need an easy way to do incremental backups of all your data, I recommend booting the Windows(tm) box with a KNOPPIX live CD, which will boot Linux on your Windows(tm) box without actually installing it. From there, you can access all your Windows(tm) data and rsync to another UNIX/Linux/BSD box, and, until you boot back into Windows(tm), you won’t need to use an OS made by a convict.

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