Treadmill Desk Alpha

Some aluminum shelving from a greenhouse is used as a temporary desktop.

2 thoughts on “Treadmill Desk Alpha”

  1. I checked out the Walkstation at a shworoom, and it is a really nice unit. Very quiet and comfortable to use, no one would ever know you were walking while on a call. I highly recommend them. Unfortunately, it only comes attached to their desks and their desks didn’t work for me so I didn’t get one. I ended up getting a TreadDesk treadmill & an adjustable height desk instead. The treadmill isn’t as quiet but still no one seems to know that I’m using it. (It’s been, oh, 6 months now.) I didn’t need to lose any weight so I can’t comment on that aspect. I just didn’t want to be sitting down all the time.

  2. I still prefer the modular idea. After this initial design, I made a custom walnut desktop, which outlasted the first treadmill and was adapted to the new one. The integrated approach is convenient, but I like the freedom to pick any desktop I want and any treadmill I want.

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